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REVIEW: Retrospective – Gungrave (PS2)

Gungrave is one of those games, which despite having some big problems, I couldn’t help but immensely enjoying. However, as this review stresses, it is not for everyone, and the main reason I like the game is that I am a huge fan of such 3rd person action adventure games.Basically, Gungrave is a 3rd Person … Continue reading »

REVIEW: Retrospective – Devil May Cry (PS2)

It comes with great relief that rather than choosing to continue milking a popular yet increasingly unoriginal genre, Capcom, with their new baby, Devil May Cry (which began life as Resident Evil 4, until producer Shinji Mikami decided that the game should be a new entity as opposed to a mere sequel) have advanced the … Continue reading »

REVIEW: Retrospective – Wipeout Fusion (PS2)

WipEout Fusion is the PS2 update of one of the PS One’s most successful and quality series. Although all the groups that contributed in the making of the three 32-bit games appear to have had no involvement in making Fusion, SCEE Team Liverpool have done an admirable job in creating the best game of the … Continue reading »

IMAGE: The frankly baffling adventures of Tarquin

Another delve into the archives – Tarquin. I don’t know what it is, nor do I know what I was thinking when I made them.

REVIEW: The Godfather (PS2)

One of the most expensive games ever made, when you first put The Godfather into your PC or console the game oozes production value. It looks like The Godfather. It feels like The Godfather. This has to be the best game ever surely? Having managed to enlist the voice of Marlon Brando before he slipped … Continue reading »