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REVIEW: Retrospective – The Punisher (PS2)

‘See a few familiar faces, break a few familiar necks’. For thirty years in the world of Marvel comics, Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher, has slaughtered a huge and highly diverse number of various scumbags in a merciless one-man war against crime, employing perhaps and even more varied methods of murder to achieve … Continue reading »

REVIEW: Retrospective – Devil May Cry 2 (PS2)

If there’s one thing that the world of videogames is not short of, its sequels. And constantly they are derided by some quarters, with sometimes good reason. On PS1, the Tomb Raider series became notoriously stale and increasingly yawn inducing as successors with few innovations were churned out year after year between 1996 and 2000. … Continue reading »

REVIEW: Retrospective – Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (PS2)

Warren Spector’s Deus Ex originated on The PC in 2000. Unfortunately, I never played this version, despite the fanfare made about it at the time, probably due to the fact I was piled down by my GCSE’s at the time. It is something I now regret having played through the PS2 version and realising the … Continue reading »

REVIEW: Retrospective – Time Crisis 2 (PS2)

It is this game that eventually made me feel I had to buy a PS2 eventually. Despite there being better games on PS2, it was Time Crisis 2 that had the effect of selling the PS2 to me. Up until then, I had held a rather arrogant view of the PS2, feeling there weren’t enough … Continue reading »