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IMAGE: Trip to Gibraltar

My brother recently moved to Gibraltar with his job, and I went on a jolly to visit him. I stayed over the border in La Línea de la Concepción as Gibraltar is ridiculously expensive for hotels. Crossing the border involves also walking across the runway. Traffic jams are fun when a flight lands. In the image … Continue reading »

3DS: Get a nerd on your 3DS

If you’re so inclined, use the Wii Maker app on the 3DS to scan the QR code below, and the dirty beast above (me) will appear on your 3DS. Joys.

BLOG: Celebrating almost 10 years on the interweb with a new site

Currently moving all the old posts across, will be adding more content as time ticks on 🙂


VIDEO: Big Pockets Bag Of Crap – The Opening

bigpockets.co.uk recently ran a promotion where for £2.99 + shipping they would send you a random bag of crap, and there was a competition for posting the best video of you opening your bag of crap. Well, here’s my bag of crap for what good it will do me: Conclusion: Worth more than £2.99 certainly, … Continue reading »

BLOG: Quiet times…

I’m still here, busy busy busy. Busy playing Xbox 360 and Wii. Busy working 2/3 jobs at a time. Busy doing things away from the internet. Busy doing things on the internet. I’ll update this site sooner or later, I promise 🙂

BLOG: Wiipown – view pown.it on your Wii

I got me a Nintendo Wii the other day. It’s ace. I especially like the web browser (great for youtube and the like) But, one of my favourite sites, pown.it doesn’t work very well on the Wii browser. So, I’ve made a site that does.Visit Wiipown in your Wii browser now! Or, just visit it … Continue reading »

BLOG: “VOTE BNP would like to be added as one of your friends on MySpace!”

As the post title states, the BNP seem to want to be my friend. I’d rather hack off one of my limbs with a rusty penknife than press ‘Approve’. Seriously, what the fuck? Why am I being targeted? Because I’m a white male in an area with a worryingly increasing BNP prescence? Because I once … Continue reading »

IMAGE: b3ta archive #6

10 more images of mine from b3ta.com. God, I wasted loads of time making these back in the day.

IMAGE: b3ta archive #5

10 more images of mine from b3ta.com. Doing this may take a while.

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