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BLOG: Frustrations of awaiting delivery of an Xbox 360…

*twiddles thumbs*
*looks at watch*

“Unfortunately we are unable to deliver the item: Xbox 360 Premium Pack on the day specified. Expect the delivery on ‘Friday 6th January 2006 8am-6pm’. Apologies, Argos”.


I’m rather glad then that I still have my existing xbox, and a few games left.

Not that I only ever had a few games for it. I’d say a figure around 75 would be about right as to the number of Xbox games I’ve owned in the past few years. I just sell them on when I’m done. Does that make me a bad gamer? Should I not be keeping the games in pristine condition in shrink wrapped packaging in case their value goes up?

Of course not. Yes, I might fancy playing them again, but since I only seem to want to do that with Halo 1 and 2 (no surprise there), I’ve not seen any point in keeping them.



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