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BLOG: Celebrating almost 10 years on the interweb with a new site

Currently moving all the old posts across, will be adding more content as time ticks on 🙂

VIDEO: Big Pockets Bag Of Crap – The Opening

bigpockets.co.uk recently ran a promotion where for £2.99 + shipping they would send you a random bag of crap, and there was a competition for posting the best video of you opening your bag of crap. Well, here’s my bag of crap for what good it will do me: Conclusion: Worth more than £2.99 certainly, … Continue reading »

BLOG: Quiet times…

I’m still here, busy busy busy. Busy playing Xbox 360 and Wii. Busy working 2/3 jobs at a time. Busy doing things away from the internet. Busy doing things on the internet. I’ll update this site sooner or later, I promise 🙂

BLOG: Wiipown – view pown.it on your Wii

I got me a Nintendo Wii the other day. It’s ace. I especially like the web browser (great for youtube and the like) But, one of my favourite sites, pown.it doesn’t work very well on the Wii browser. So, I’ve made a site that does.Visit Wiipown in your Wii browser now! Or, just visit it … Continue reading »

BLOG: “VOTE BNP would like to be added as one of your friends on MySpace!”

As the post title states, the BNP seem to want to be my friend. I’d rather hack off one of my limbs with a rusty penknife than press ‘Approve’. Seriously, what the fuck? Why am I being targeted? Because I’m a white male in an area with a worryingly increasing BNP prescence? Because I once … Continue reading »

BLOG: Sky+ PVR2 borked, Customer Service hilarity ensues…

After a fantastic couple of years, my Pace Sky+ PVR2 bit the dust today. No Sky+ functionality, but at least the box is still working. Anyway, I gave Sky a call, 20 minutes of trying every thing the guy told me to try, to no avail. Finally he gives up and arranges for an engineer … Continue reading »

BLOG: My 360 arrived! A lesson in buying a new console.

OK, so it actually arrived over 2 weeks ago, but that is beside the point. I managed to get the premium 360 pack from Argos.co.uk of all places (surprising, since the 360 was not in their catalogue nor was it being sold in any of the stores). More surprising was the fact it came with … Continue reading »

BLOG: Frustrations of awaiting delivery of an Xbox 360…

*twiddles thumbs* *looks at watch* *rinses* *repeats* “Unfortunately we are unable to deliver the item: Xbox 360 Premium Pack on the day specified. Expect the delivery on ‘Friday 6th January 2006 8am-6pm’. Apologies, Argos”. Fuckers. I’m rather glad then that I still have my existing xbox, and a few games left. Not that I only … Continue reading »